Andy Griffiths – The eternal fish out of water.












Andy tells us in his own words why that is….

“I’m an Ex-Pat Brit living in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful country, full of stunning scenery, wonderful beaches and long hot summers. A long way literally and figuratively from the grey, wet industrialised South Wales where I grew up. However, even after ten years of residency here, I still can’t quite get used to the place. Christmas comes in the summer and in the Winter, people think nothing of walking around the streets in bare feet.
My background in character animation means that I’m constantly on the lookout for amusing and interesting characters to draw and there’s certainly no shortage of them here. So I’ve got into the habit of taking a sketchbook with me wherever I go. It helps keep my character designs fresh and lively and they do seem to make people laugh. It’s much more than that though. My sketchbook has now become a kind of therapy for me, as I find myself making notes and observations on the things that amuse and confound me about Kiwis and Kiwi culture. I suppose It’s become my way of dealing with being the eternal fish out of water.”

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