Nuggets of gold from Andy Griffiths


andygslush-puppy-western-5Here’s a walk through the creative process of Andy Griffiths.

 “I enjoyed working on this mural design project. it’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to work on some licensed properties. It was refreshing not to have to come up with a completely original character for once. Although working on licensed characters has it’s own set of challenges of course, not least of which is keeping the characters on-model.

Sometimes it helps to draw the character and go away and do something else for a few hours . When you come back to it you see it with fresh eyes and any errors suddenly stand out with startling clarity.

Here are some of the rough drafts I went through trying to get Slush Puppie right. Roughs were done in Manga Studio 5 and final design was completed in Adobe Illustrator.”

Thanks Andy!  This mural was done for a theme park in Holland…the UK agency who commissioned this loved working with Andy and said they would be back for more.



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