Nickelodeon loves Anna’s characters

Nickelodeon – Piri and Sando

2 years ago, TIA and Anna Hancock were approached by Nickelodeon in the US (Nick Jr.) to explore some character designs.
A truly global collaboration, Piri and Sando’s creator emailed his brief from New Zealand, to Anna in the UK.





Piri is a penguin with an insatiable curiosity about the world. She loves finding out about new things.
She is smart and kind and thoughtful, and a little older than the others, so her friends listen to her.






Sando, on the other hand, is a fun loving, chaotic sort of boy who is prone to getting distracted, to changing his mind
and thinking up things and making decisions on the spot.
Sando is a physical boy – his legs (short funny ones under his belly) move around in a fast little
shuffle and he has difficulty standing still on the spot – his feet often moving in a little dance as he
anticipates where they might go to next. Sando is also surprisingly coordinated and lithe for a rotund little snowman!

Piri and Sando don’t really like doing anything without each other. They want to share every
experience on their tropical island together and they want to play together and they want to tell each other their latest news
and ask each other for opinions, and make each other laugh and… well you get the picture. BEST. FRIENDS. FOR. EVER!

Sadly, Piri and Sando never made it onto our screens, but Nickelodeon liked Anna’s work enough to ask her to work on another character: MISCHA THE MOLE!




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