Damien gives the Easter bunny a facelift!



When you do your Easter shopping this year, you might see this little guy on your favourite Mars products…

But he looked a little different last year…

Retailers apparently found him a little…er, disturbing… so Damien Holder was asked to give him a bit of a Photoshop facelift; if it’s good enough for Supermodels it’s good enough for the Easter bunny!

The original 3D model wasn’t bad, but he thought the anthropomorphism needed a bit of work.

After stripping out the high contrast shadow and colour, the real work began adjusting his overall proportions and giving him a more ‘cuddly’ look. The arms and torso were enlarged, paws articulated and ears rounded. The eyes needed to be completely reworked with for a more traditional ‘cartoony’ shape and the mouth subtly stylised for a more neutral expression.

Lastly he was recoloured, bringing back the pink in more gentle tones, purifying the whites and giving his clothes a deeper, contrasting hue that would work with the all 3 core products.

Below you can see a full flow from start to finish. He’s on the shelves now!


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