If it’s realism you want…..







Cityscape on a lawn with river, waterfall. Fancy island in the air isolated. Detailed ground in the base. Concept of success and happiness, idyllic modern harmony lifestyle.

davehig4RFBB36 detail



davehig5Rolls Royce RFBB36-4





Dave ‘iggy’ Higginson is your man!

“I have been illustrating for over 20 years, I stopped counting years ago.

I illustrated traditionally, specializing in airbrush work until the late 90’s
when it became apparent that everything I was creating on board could be done digitally,
with the added benefit of being able to be adjusted and altered if the client requested.
This soon led me into 3d illustration.

I tend to specialize in realistic imagery, whether it’s for still images or animation, using a variation of 3d and 2d programs to achieve the desired result.

When I’m not illustrating, I’m usually out riding something with 2 wheels.
Mountain bikes and motorcycles are my passion. The airbrush still comes out to
decorate these toys. As yet, I haven’t found a way of transferring my digital images
onto a crash helmet or fuel tank. But I’m working on it!”

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