Iggi’s back!











Not only is he back, he’s buzzin!

The wonderful Dave Higginson was one of the first illustrators on our books way back when. After a short sabbatical with another agency (shame on you Mr Higginson!), we’re pretty chuffed to announce that he’s back in the fold and, dare I say it, better than ever!

You can see how good he is, but who is he and what makes him tick? I’ll let him tell you himself….

“I’ve been illustrating for over 20 years, I stopped counting years ago.
I illustrated traditionally specializing in airbrush work until the late 90’s
when it became apparent that everything I was creating on board could be done digitally
with the benefit of endless adjustments and alterations at the touch of a button if the client requested.
This soon led me into the dark and dangerous world of 3d illustration! I tend to specialize in realistic imagery, whether it’s for still images or animation using a variation of 3d and 2d programs to achieve the desired result.
When I’m not illustrating, you’ll usually find me out riding something with two wheels.
Mountain bikes and motorcycles, (fast ones!) are my passion. The airbrush still comes out every now and then to decorate these toys. I’m still trying to find a way of transferring my digital images
onto a crash helmet or fuel tank, so watch this space.”

Good to have you back Dave.

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