Stone’s rock solid under pressure!







Deadlines bring their own pressure. Add a client that knows exactly what they want, an audio soundtrack as your brief and that notorious blank sheet of paper to strut your stuff on. Dave Stone takes it all in his stride.

Tinopolis Interactive was contracted for the job by a company called Influence at Work, and Tinopolis asked me to illustrate on the project. The client wanted a realistic looking animated explainer video, rather than the more commonly used “Sparkol” style videos that use mass produced vector images.

They wanted original drawings that looked like they were done on a real whiteboard with real ink and by a real hand. The client supplied a brilliantly descriptive audio track that ran just over 11 mins, and I scribbled my interpretation of what was being explained onto a large whiteboard. We then had a hi-res digital photo taken of the board for the client, and luckily, there were minimal changes. The photo was then uploaded onto computer for tweaks and fixes.

They were separated and tidied up before the files were uploaded to After Effects for animation. The images were then masked for an animated reveal to give the illusion of being drawn, and the live action hand was animated over the top to give a realistic feel. The whole process took about a month from start to finish.”


View the video here and see just how brilliantly Dave performed.

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