Ahoy there Mr Bullock!









It’s nearly the first anniversary of the opening of the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, England. UK illustrator Gary Bullock was commissioned to work on a series of illustrations for the museum prior to it opening. Not knowing a mainsail from a fiddle-loom it was an education for Gary, working together with the curators over a series of months to create a large cutaway illustration of the entire ship together with instructive illustrations of life onboard.

Not a man to do things by halves, Gary’s been getting into the historic side of things and has donated his time to the museum, acting the part of a time travelling sailor from the days of Henry the eighth, visiting local primary schools in full period costume and talking to the kids about life onboard ship before it’s sinking, leeches and all!

He’s even grown a beard for the occasion. Now that’s dedication for you!

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