Gary Bullock’s back!









“Where from?” I hear you ask. (“and who the hell is Gary Bullock?”) Well, Gary and I used to share a studio in Manchester way back when and for a time, he was one of only  a handful of illustrators on our books. Times were good. Work was plentiful, fees were high and there was a damned good pub right outside our front door. Ah, how easily we could fritter away that hard earned dosh! But nothing lasts forever of course and we eventually went our separate ways – me to the Southern hemisphere, Gary to  Shropshire. We’ve always kept in touch one way or another, not just because Gary’s a decent sort of bloke (don’t tell him I said that!), but  as you can see, he’s also one hell of an illustrator and as agents, that’s something we take pretty seriously.

So Gary, it’s great to have you with us – again.

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