Daniel Morgenstern’s Secret Postcard – A secret no more!

1. The Secret Postcard project is modelled after the well-known Royal College of Art’s successful RCA Secret Postcard sale in London.
Postcard sized original artworks created by art students and young artists, as well as well-known artists, are displayed, anonymously,
and offered for sale at the fair. The artworks are sold on a first-come-first-served basis for 180 NIS (about $50) each. Only after the
artworks are paid for, can the buyers flip them over to discover whether they have purchased a work of art by a well-known artist or
the work of a potential future star.


2. Corporate identity for Nicholas Newton, a fully qualified acupuncturist,
who specializes in Classical Five Element Acupuncture.
Various logos for various formats and media, business card, banners
and buttons for web site – http://www.fiveelement.co.uk/

3. Corporate identity (logo, business card, stationary, signage, etc.)
for The London Art Therapy Centre.
The London Art Therapy Centre provides art therapy services to the
public and private sectors in a bespoke art therapy studio environment.

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