Call yourself an illustrator!





Pah! Anyone can push pixels around a screen. You don’t even need to be able to draw!

Well yes, thanks to those ‘Uber Nerds’, Gates and Jobs and the whizz kids at Adobe, it’s true, our lives have been made a lot, lot easier. We can work from anywhere in the world. We can ‘talk’ to clients without having to actually talk to clients. We’re no longer reliant on a useless and unreliable postal service and the stylus on the Wacom tablet never needs sharpening.

But actually being able to draw, that’s what being a professional illustrator is all about! Like chalk and cheese and the wheat from the chaff, it’s what separates them from the part time pixel pusher and it’s the very basis of every wonderful piece of art you’ve ever seen.  And if you can’t draw, no amount of layers, filters or special effects will hide that fact. And every one who can draw will know it!

Thanks to Lyn Stone for supplying the above sketches. (made with a pencil and paper)

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