Carry on Lyn

Bear_in_hospital_webLyn Stone is back again after a little stay in hospital, which was character-building, to say the least. Here she reflects on the experience…

I’m sure anyone who has endured a stay in hospital, or been with anyone who has, will know the form by now. The actual physical shock and pain of an operation is only one part of the equation – once you’ve actually been ministered unto by the highly-skilled surgeons, you are plonked back into the antiseptic netherworld that is life on a hospital ward.

I must say though, nurses are wonderful. They and all the support staff seem to have a never-ending reserve of patience and resilience and simple kindness. It seems to me a weird combination of being at the front in World War One and a skivvy in Downton Abbey. Some people treat nurses like servants which I think is appalling.

I am very interested in people, and as I recovered I was able to observe the panorama of daily life that unfolded around me. I had a very bizarre collection of fellow patients to share the ward with, but I imagine everyone thinks that.

But now I’m home, and the whole Carry On Doctor experience is fast fading into memory as I draw up my new plans… For what? you ask. Well I’ll tell you all about that next time!

We look forward to hearing about it Lyn…thanks for sharing!


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