Go Lyn!



‘Human Body’ is part of a new series of reference books for young children entitled, ‘Who What When’ and published by Templar Publishing. They are all lift the flap books and so will be great fun for young children. Lyn Stone is the main illustrator in all four books.
This time last year she was one of the illustrators working on the first four books in what is hoped will be a twenty-four book series. The first four cover the following subjects: the human body, horses and ponies, dinosaurs, and the always popular knights and castles. At the moment they have published Human Body and Dinosaurs. If they do well then hopefully more ‘who what when’ will follow. It will be interesting see what they want illustrated next?

They are on Amazon – already! Lyn is delighted that they have chosen her artwork for the cover too, which is very nice and totally unexpected.

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