Lyn gets busy with the brushes.



If you ever wondered where the brilliant Lyn Stone gets her inspiration from, read on…..


“This week I have been Doing It Myself. It’s generally the best way. I’ve nothing against professional painters and decorators, but there is something to be said for doing your own DIY and having the satisfaction of saying ‘I did that. Myself.’  It saves a few pennies into the bargain. Well, more like a few sovereigns these days. So it was that I embarked on sanding down a wall, newly plastered. (The wall was plastered, I hasten to point out, I wasn’t. I might have a small sherry, if you’re offering.) I had one of those electric sanding things that vibrates like crazy, and leaves you a-tremble for a few hours afterwards, but it’s quicker and easier than doing it with a bit of sandpaper and a block. I was happily juddering away, making quite a good job of it (If I say so myself) and wondering if I should attempt a big Sistine Chapel job on the expanse of smooth bare wall. The process does create quite a lot of dust, however. I took a break and opened the front door, but my eagle-eyed next-door neighbour mistook the ensuing cloud of plaster dust for smoke. Panic ensued. She was about to call the fire brigade. I came out to talk to her and she gave a kind of shriek. I had neglected to tie my hair up in a flowery duster, in the traditional fashion, so the dust had collected on my face and in my locks and now I looked like Marley’s Ghost. It’s hard to pacify a panicky neighbour when you look like a white-faced spectre. Eventually, calm was restored. “It’s me, Lyn – I’m not a ghastly shade from the Beyond, I’ve been sanding a wall.” I went back inside for a glance in the mirror. I looked like a dandelion clock. Which inspired this little picture. 

I think I could rock a shock of white hair. At least I know what I’m going to look like in a few years’ time – ahem – in a good few years’ time.”

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