Lyn’s got Jane Austen covered!






A nod and a wink to the wonderful Jane Austen. Lyn Stone has just completed a commission for Little Brown Books. Two books written by a new, bright and fresh writer, who has written two witty romances, set in the Regency period. The books are aimed at young women, who want a fun and entertaining read.

Having seen the fun Regency style silhouettes Lyn completed for Poule de Luxe, Little Brown commissioned her to work on two silhouettes for these books. The Poule de Luxe illustrations were actually based on the main characters from Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice. As Lyn had already completed a lot of costume research for that, all she had to research for this brief was Regency dance moves! They certainly enjoyed their dancing!

The publisher has very generously given us permission to blog about this project and has already sent Lyn the jacket covers with her artwork on, so I can share them with us today.

The books will be published later this year. Hopefully, her next project for Little Brown Books will be more silhouettes for a potential project they are currently working on. Watch this space…

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