Now do you believe in the tooth fairy?




Here’s some work Lyn Stone recently completed for Media Therapy. She was commissioned to illustrate the tooth fairy and her tree house to launch a new project for Orajel.

The advertising campaign will be launched shortly. She had to illustrate a fairy tree house, very similar to the ones she did a few years ago for Templar Publishing. However they wanted this one in her new ‘softer ‘style that she has been developing. The original illustration is really quite big and was fiddly to stretch on board (especially on such a windy day). She had to do it outside because the board she was stretching the paper on was so huge! She nearly took off!

Lyn says the tooth fairy was far easier to paint. She took her inspiration for her tooth fairy from history. Apparently in early Europe when a child’s sixth tooth falls out, it is a custom for parents to slip a gift or money from the tooth fairy under the child’s pillow, but to leave the tooth as a reward. Some parents also leave trails of glitter on the floor, representing fairy dust, which Lyn incorporated into her artwork. How could she resist? In northern Europe there was also a tradition of tand-fé or tooth fee, which was paid when a child lost its first tooth. So this tooth fairy myth goes back a long way!

Both were painted using watercolour paint, and ink. Lyn is currently experimenting with using pencil and watercolour for an even softer results, which works very well for pre-school books.

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