That’s quite a canvas!


Lyn_Spring bump



A rather unusual bit of painting Lyn Stone completed for a photographer friend consisted of painting on pregnant ladies ‘bumps’ for a charity calendar competition.

Lyn was amazed by how many mums were actually keen to have their bumps decorated and then photographed. In fact many were so delighted with the results they wouldn’t wash the designs off and went home with their bumps wrapped in dressing gowns, so they could show their painted bump off to friends and family. There were two artists, Lyn and a friend, and together they created butterfly bumps, bumps that looked like parcels, bumps that were camouflaged, painted in the same fabric the mum was draped in.

Lyn’s designs were both aimed at the spring months. One represented cherry blossom and the other a field of flowers. 

The only challenging bit was when the babies wanted to join in the fun and would kick just as I was painting a delicate piece – bang an elbow or foot would intervene! Apparently the mums to be found it all very therapeutic and relaxing!



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