A word of warning from Mark Draisey!


You never know when it’s going to happen, but you can be sure of one thing – it will happen some time!

You’ve been commissioned by a client. They love what you do. You pull your finger out for them every time they call you with a rush job and they love you even more. But the payments are taking a while to come through. You’re not too happy about that, but you can live with it for a while and the accounts department seem like good, honest people. So you carry on producing. The outstanding bill gets bigger, those nice ‘honest’ people in accounts suddenly aren’t taking your calls any more and BANG! The client goes under owing you a small fortune.

It happened to Mark Draisey recently and understandably, he’s not happy about it. Worse still, the client (who unfortunately has to remain nameless!) continued to commission him knowing they were about to go down the pan, probably assuming that because he was based on the other side of the world he wouldn’t bother pursuing them for the money. Wrong.

But Mark, being the pro that he is has picked up the pieces and a new client in the form of Agenda Magazine in the Czech republic, for which he’s now producing all the covers.

As you can see from the illustration above, clients may come and go but quality always shines through.

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