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Nathalie Ortega

Nathalie Ortega has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to illustration in many forms. She draws picture books for children, storyboards for animation, posters and advertisements. She enjoys drawing for children, and the love for her work is something you can clearly notice while looking through her portfolio.
Though keeping her own personal style of drawing, one of her abilities is to adapt to many different lines of work. She gained this skill by working in animation productions for the UK and other countries years ago. She designs characters and is a very experienced storyboard artist as well.
Her main field of work is educational illustration. Which has to be drawn in a style that’s clean and easily understandable. Communication is the goal.
Nathalie works together with her husband at their home studio in Valencia, Spain. Talent is something to have if you are an illustrator. Reliability is a must if you are a true professional and the fact that Nathalie has clients that have been with her for many years is a testament to her professionalism.

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