Nick Diggory goes all ‘Bertie Wooster’ on us!

'I say, anyone for a Gasper?'

German Glass producers Ritzenhoff have selected another of Nick Diggory’s designs to go into production. Nick has been designing glassware for Ritzenhoff for several years now and his illustrations adorn Beer glasses, Milk glasses, Coffee cups and even Piggy Banks, all over the world. The above design is for an Ashtray.

‘I realise smoking is a contentious issue, but my own view is very much ‘each to his own’. I wanted to get away from stereotypes and concentrate on the so called ‘golden’ days of smoking where gentlemen retired to the snug for a relaxing ‘Gasper’ and a cocktail. Very ‘Bertie Wooster’ don’t you think? ‘

The selection process for designs is very strict. A limited number of Illustrators and designers are ‘invited’ to submit just 3 designs. These then go before a selection committee who immediately disregard any that don’t meet the guidelines. The two illustrations above met all the criteria, but didn’t make the grade. A maximum of 6 colours is allowed including black and white. Just a handful of all those submissions actually see their way into production, which makes the fact that Nick has so many of his designs in production all the more remarkable.

Chin, chin old chap!

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