Cormick and Tyndale – 3D illustration at its best.


Dan Cormick and fiance, Sonia Tyndale, met 9 years ago working together at the same company, not realising at first what a fantastic creative partnership they would become. A qualified Graphic Designer, Sonia spent her early career designing websites before moving into the video games industry. She continued to develop her design skills as a texture artist and interface designer before deciding to also take the plunge into 3D modeling. Her learning was fast-tracked with the help of Dan, a passionate 3D artist with over 13 years experience in the field. It wasn’t long before they could both see the potential of fusing design and 3D to create dynamic eye catching artwork. It’s a partnership which has since seen them grow into established 3D illustrators with a focus on creating visual solutions for Advertising, Web, Games and Visualiation projects worldwide. Their work has led them to far off places including working at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and also two years at Funcom in Oslo, Norway. There’s nothing like a dark and cold Scandinavian winter to get those creative juices flowing! Their experiences and exposure to other cultures has been a fantastic inspiration for them both.


Dan and Sonia enjoy the diversity of each brief, both artistically and technically, and are very enthusiastic about the future of 3D in design and illustration. With a strong focus on highly polished work that has a fun and often quirky edge, they continue to create vibrant characters and immersive environments. It’s great to have them with us!




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