Sex, fetishism and violence!

 Jen Collier was approached to create an album cover and logo for  experimental rock band Drama. Currently ‘pushing’ to hit the big time, the band wanted their debut album cover, entitled ‘Sex Love Lies’ to bring across the themes of their music and let people know what they are all about. Jen spent time discussing and sketching out possible ideas that would capture the personality of the band and was then left to her own devices to create the logo and artwork. The cover was entirely inspired by the lyrics from the album, the themes of which include sex, fetishism and violence.





She obviously made a pretty good job of it. Here’s what the band had to say:-



‘We’re very pleased with Jen’s artistic contribution to Drama. The sleeve visually incorporates the albums concepts: the provocative legs and bedspread hint at inner sexual content: the trampled car recognises the humorous ‘In Bed With Machines’: discarded cash acknowledges the overall sense of worthlessness; and the ‘Red Rose’ silently wilts in the background. She did an excellent job at realising the album’s content and managed to create something unique. We look forward to working with Jen again in the future- Ian Gordon’


So do we!

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