Tim Hutchinson’s created a classic.


Tim Hutchinson’s illustrations certainly aren’t lacking in the detail department! His maps, exploded views, characters and working drawings have appeared in publications and magazines all around the globe. Now he’s applied his not inconsiderable talent to his very own book. And what a beautiful book it is!

As you might expect, the highly detailed illustrations are what holds the book together, but it also comes with a plentiful serving of heart and soul in the form of Dylan, a chocolate brown labrador, and his long time feud with the neighbours cat. It’s a classic illustrated children’s book, the kind many of us were brought up on and one that children will remember all their lives. Pinwheel Books in the US have recognised this and are about to publish it. (There’s also talk of it being turned into an animated app book too!). So, exciting times for Tim and well deserved they are too.



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