A Busman’s Holiday for Nick Diggory



“When we’re called in we don’t take prisoners, we don’t negotiate, and we never
surrender. We don’t save anyone or anything, we kill everyone, we destroy everything.
When we’re called in it’s already over, we’re the end, we’re Omega Squad.”

Nick Diggory began his career as a visualiser and finished artist in a number of UK advertising agencies, so designing and illustrating the cover for Canadian author Tom Doganoglu’s latest novel was a bit of a Busman’s Holiday for him. “30 years ago we’d have had to set the type with Letraset and spent ages masking and airbrushing the Omega symbol! Tom’s brief was very clear and concise, so there was no need to get the Magic Markers out and a couple of hours later it was all done and dusted.”  

Good job. We wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of the Omega Squad!

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