Anna Hancock Bakes a Smile!

Not just a brilliant illustrator, Anna Hancock is also pretty handy when it comes to designing. She recently completed this wonderful logo for a new UK business called ‘Bake a Smile‘. If you have a wedding to plan or a party to organise, Bake a Smile boss Mandi Illes provides a cost effective means to organising an event, creating a memorable experience without all the stress. As she says, “Whatever happens, the experience should make them smile!”

She also produces cakes for parties and special occasions. These aren’t your average iced disc. Mandi’s cakes are a work of art and a tasty alternative to traditional cakes and sweets. But this dual role gave Anna a problem to solve. She had to design a logo that had the level of sophistication and assurance expected by a bride to be who was about to hand over control of her big day to someone else, whilst displaying the creativity and sense of fun that is the trademark of Mandi’s cakes. However the logo turned out, it should make you smile.

No problem there Anna.

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